Canning your own Jelly at home

I recently got a new job and decided to ride out my two weeks notice at home in TN with my family. With this new position I won’t have the freedom to travel like I did in my old job so I wanted to come home and spend a week with my family before my … Continue reading

Jalapeno Beer Cheese Soup

Jalapeno Beer Cheese Soup I found the original of this recipe on Pinterest. I did a little bit of modification to make it easier to make. It was absolutely delicious, not at all healthy, but really great comfort food for a cold day. It was pretty simple to make. I used my food processor for … Continue reading

S’more Cupcakes

Today I was planning on going to Baylor for the TCU game, but this morning Bertha decided to have a dead battery. Unfortunately, I am parked under the car port where it is virtually impossible to jump my car. So I’m going to have to deal with figuring out how to install my own car … Continue reading

Bonafide Chef!

Well, recently I announced the blog was going Paleo. After two recipes I’ve been pretty mum for the past few weeks. That’s largely because I don’t want to post recipes that aren’t yummy and as my taste buds are adjusting to the culture shock that is Paleo nothing has really been wetting my whistle lately. … Continue reading

Paleo Avocado Chicken Salad

So, I just got back from a nice extended stay with my family in TN. While I was up there I convinced my dad that I couldn’t live without a 4 cup food processor. So this food processor has been my saving grace on this Paleo diet. It grinds up nuts for me to use … Continue reading

Paleo Zucchini Pesto Pasta

For my first Paleo recipe I decided to cook a faux pasta using zucchini and then create a Paleo approved pesto. I was happy with the way it turned out. Obviously, it doesn’t taste like actual pasta, but it was close enough. I threw some pecan crusted oven baked chicken tenders on top and it … Continue reading

Going Primal…

So, I’ve got bad news…The blog is going Paleo for the next 8 weeks. Some of you are saying, “What’s Paleo?” Paleo is a diet that is all about “clean eating”. Paleo is short for Paleolithic which basically means no processed foods. No dairy, no bread, no sugar…pretty much no yummy foods. Paleo goes hand … Continue reading

Buffalo Chicken “Cigars”

When I lived in Waco I used to go to this place called Sam’s on the Square. All my Baylor friends know that Sam’s was known for their purple margaritas, but they also had decent food. One of the things I used to order there was called the Cuban Cigar. They were like flautas meet … Continue reading